Godwick Turkeys is a family run Norfolk business specialising in producing quality free range turkeys for Christmas.


Create a new e-commerce website with a new modern look and feel (User Interface, UI), a better user experience (UX) and improved user journey to help increase conversions.

What did I do

The Godwick Turkey’s previous website, although functional, didn’t have some modern web techniques implemented. For example, the website wasn’t responsive so it was difficult to use on mobile devices. Also, the Information Architecture (IA) was confusing as you couldn’t tell straight away which menu item was the product page.

My pitch consisted of a modern responsive design whereby you could purchase the product right off the Homepage without the need to search for the products. I thought the idea of the shopping Cart appearing at the bottom of the browser was important because it indicates to the user what they’ve purchased along their journey. The website was created on WordPress with WooCommerce plugin for the e-commerce counterpart.


The client loved the new modern design and the new approach to purchasing products. The new design and approach did increase conversion rate by 100%, which made my client extremely happy.