My name is Michael and I’m an award winning freelance WordPress, web design, front-end developer based in the Chesterfield, Sheffield and Derby area, but I do work with clients around the world. I work with other freelancers, sole traders and small to medium businesses helping them with designing and building website solutions in WordPress as well as offering support and other Internet based related services.

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I offer a large range of services aimed at small to medium businesses, below are few I provide.


WordPress Services

Installation, configuration, full website creation, updates, support and training in WordPress.
Using Themify themes but not too sure how to use it? Hire me to create your website using Themify, set-ups and training.

Themify Services

Using Themify themes but not too sure how to use it? Hire me to create your website using Themify, set-ups and training.
Web Design

Web Design

Full website creation using WordPress, usability and accessibility assessment and facelifts.
Web Consultancy

Web Consultancy

Guidance in web best practice methods, best use of technology and delivery of your website project.
Web Management

Web Management

Web project management, speak the language with third party suppliers and develop web strategies.
Social Media

Social Media

Creation of social media channels, best practice guidance, engage with customers and what NOT to do.


I specialise in web standards and I web design in WordPress.


Here is feedback from some of my satisfied clients.

“I would highly recommend Michael for any web build project. Since launch I have had multiple positive comments about the website and I will be working with Michael to ensure I am on top of SEO as the website goes into it’s first few months.”

Sophie Bailey – Founder
The Edtech Podcast

“When we first contacted Michael, he was an avid reader of our website and he accepted to help us a little with design and layout. Later, we hired him properly to improve the usability of our website and to make it easier to navigate. He did not disappoint us. Working with Michael has always been enjoyable and we would recommend him anytime.”

Damien Thivolle, Co-founder and webmaster

“Michael is very pleasant and easy to work with and always also happy to help us out with any other computer based queries. He’s also helped us with all of our Social Media advertising and has made an incredible difference – for the better – to our business. Thank you Michael!”

Alwynn and Lisa Morris – Owners

“Fantastic facilitation by Michael! You make it easy for me to ensure that everything is going smoothly according to my plan. The job you did is very professional, very successful and the website is very attractive which is always enjoyed by all indeed.”

Hussein Ahmed – Owner


Some of my thoughts and opinions about all things web with the occasional tutorial.

RT @fr3ino Because of #GDPR, USA Today decided to run a separate version of their website for EU users, which has all the tracking scripts and ads removed. The site seemed very fast, so I did a performance audit. How fast the internet could be without all the junk! 🙄 5.2MB → 500KB pic.twitter.com/xwSqqsQR3s