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My name is Michael and I’m an award winning freelance WordPress front-end developer based in the Chesterfield and Sheffield area, but I do work with clients around the world. I work with other freelancers, sole traders and small to medium businesses helping them with designing and building website solutions in WordPress as well as offering support and other Internet base related services.


I offer a large range of services aimed at small to medium businesses, below are few I provide.

WordPress title=WordPress Services

WordPress Services

Installation, configuration, full website creation, updates, support and training in WordPress.
Web Consultancy title=Web Consultancy

Web Consultancy

Guidance in web best practice methods, best use of technology and delivery of your website project.
Web Design title=Web Design

Web Design

Full website creation using WordPress, usability and accessibility assessment and facelifts.
Web Management title=Web Management

Web Management

Web project management, speak the language with third party suppliers and develop web strategies.
Social Media title=Social Media

Social Media

Creation of social media channels, best practice guidance, engage with customers and what NOT to do.


I specialise in web standards and I web design in WordPress.


Here is feedback from some of my satisfied clients.


Some of my thoughts and opinions about all things web with the occasional tutorial.

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