How I learned WordPress

When I left the UK Civil Service in 2008 to go freelance, one thing I needed was website to show prospective clients the services that I offered, my experience and skills as well as showcase my portfolio of work.

I was already running a personal website back then, but it was more of a ‘blog’ whereby I wrote reviews of films and music albums. The website was created in pure HTML, minimal CSS and it was edited using Macromedia Dreamweaver and Contribute. At the time, I wasn’t using a Content Management System (CMS) of any kind and as my website grew and grew it started to become problematic to maintain as well as managing all the hyperlinks (nightmare).

I thought to myself at the time: “There has to be something better than this?”

nDesign Studio
Nick La’s original WordPress website that made me want to learn the CMS.

It was then Nick La came to my attention via a tutorial he wrote for web design magazine. I viewed his personal website and was absolutely amazed by the beauty, design, artistry and colour; it was wonderful. I explored Mr La’s website and was also amazed on how simple it was to use, the continuity of the design and I like the way his articles and information were displayed. I looked at the source code to see how the website was created and I notice that the Meta-Generator stated ‘WordPress‘.

At that time, I knew of WordPress but I knew it more as a blogging application rather than a CMS. From then, I started researching all things WordPress: What can it do? How easy was it to use? How easy was it develop for? How do I install it? What do I need to install it?

I have to admit, it was a massive learning curve; it was very frustrating at times as well, but I enjoyed it.  I eventually installed my own instance of WordPress on my hosting server (version 2.3.2), but it took me a lot longer to install than the claimed ‘5 mins‘! WordPress’s main programming languages are PHP and MySQL and these were totally new coding languages to me, so I had to learn on the go as well.

Buying themes from Premium theme houses and off ThemeForest helped me immensely because it gave great understanding on how things worked within WordPress, like Widgets and Frameworks. My first theme that I installed was iTheme by Nick La; I learned a huge amount from just this one theme alone.

I relied on a few resources in the initial stages of learning. I read various WordPress articles from,, and watched WordPress training videos from which were all very helpful getting me up to speed.

I also purchased and read various books on the WordPress CMS, but found them to become out of date very quickly as WordPress got upgraded over the months, so be cautious when you buying books. The books that I purchased were:

I also started to follow various WordPress developers and online websites via social media whom released various articles and tutorials which were extremely helpful. YouTube was very helpful as well, especially when you are researching Plugins; one particular channel that was extremely helpful was Pressthis.

I been learning WordPress since 2008 and I have learned so much that it is now my full time profession and business by creating WordPress websites for clients or helping and supporting clients with their existing WordPress website.

If you know WordPress, or you develop in WordPress, let me know in the Comments below how you learned the CMS.