Aneeta Prem and Vineeta Thornhill of the Freedom Charity.


To create a new website using the WordPress CMS which looks fresh and modern and incorporates the latest web technologies such as responsive design and generate better page loading speeds to aid a better user experience for conversions (donations) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

What did I do

Aneeta Prem, Vineeta Thornhill and I had extensive discussions on what they wanted for their new website. They wanted a website with impact as well as a common mechanism whereby users can easily donate to the charity online if they wish to do so.

I pointed out to Freedom, there were some fundamental usability errors on the old website. The biggest error I identity was there was only one button to donate to the charity and it only appeared on the Homepage. I suggest with the new design, there should be a donate button in the main navigation menu so users can easily donate to the charity regardless what page the user is on.

Their old website was also running very slow, scoring a 55/100 on Google Page Speed. Now, with optimisation it is running around 90/100.