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My Top 10 Trance Tracks

Thrllseekers feat. Sheryl Deane – Synaesthesia (Fly Away) (The Thrillseekers Club Mix)

Synaesthesia was initially released as an instrumental track but vocals were added later to make it have a more radio friendly appeal when it was released at the height of the trance genre explosion of the late 90’s. Such an uplifting angelic track. 

Lucid – I Can’t Help Myself (The Lucid Vocal Mix)

Original released in 1997, it wasn’t until 1998 this track went massive and spearheaded the whole trance genre into the nightclubs and homes alike. 

OceanLab – Satellite (Original Above & Beyond Mix)

Justine Suissa, Queen of Trance, need I say more?

O.T. Quartet – Hold That Sucker Down (Build Like A Skyscraper Mix)

Co-produced by Rollo, this release is pre-Faithless and you can actually hear the Faithless elements in this track. 

Pulp Victim – The World ’99 (Moonman Club Mix)

Ferry Corsten produces a high energy trance track and adds a Maria Brennan, singer from Clannad, sample and creates a defining vocal trance track. Similar to Chicane’s Saltwater, but with a faster beat and more energy. 

Space Brothers – Heaven Will Come (Lange Vocal Club Mix)

The album version of Heaven Will Come was a more slower, different genre track. Trance producer Lange remixed the song and created this beautiful vocal trance monster.

Solarstone – Seven Cities (Armin van Buuren Vocal Mix)


Robbie Seed & Paul Rigel vs Omnia feat. Cathy Burton – Letter To The Sun vs Hearts Connected (Tycoos Mashup)

Mixing, combining or ‘mash up’ two songs, Robbie Seed & Paul Rigel ‘Letter To The Sun’, an instrumental trance track with Omnia feat. Cathy Burton ‘Hearts Connected’ was a stroke of genius. It turns two average tracks in to one power vocal trance stomper! 

Agulo feat. David Berkeley – Fire Sign (Suncatcher Remix)


Afternova – Into The Sky (Original Mix)

Beautiful beautiful melody, sounding like something from a romantic film soundtrack, mixed with high energy bass lines; uplifting orchestral trance at its finest. This track makes me feel like I’m flying through the clouds. Perfect.

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