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Holy Priest DPS – World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor


This article is relevant Holy Priest DPS spec to World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor 6.2 patch.
Last update: 21st September 2015 || Version 2.4.1

[themify_box style=”red rounded” ]Since the release of Legion, this guide is now redundant due to changes to the Priest class and mechanics. This guide is still online for legacy purposes. My latest version of my Holy Priest DPS guide is available.[/themify_box]


This article is a guide on how to play the Holy Priest DPS spec for PvE (questing and leveling) and raiding in World of Warcraft 6.2 patch. This guide is not meant to be a definitive ‘how-to’ manual but more of a general guide. Each player is different, so please adapt this guide to your playing style.

Stats priority and gear

If you are planning to play only as a Holy Priest DPS, there are only six primary statistics that are important to your spec:

Intellect > Spell Power > Multistrike > Haste > Versatility > Crit 

That’s all you need, Mastery and Spirit are dead stats.

Intellect translates directly into spell damage. The more intellect your Priest has, the more damage (and more healing if you are playing as an off-healer) they will achieve: you can’t have enough of it.

Spell Power is an attribute that increases the effect of spells. Spell power increases the damage amount of damaging spells and the healing amount of healing spells.

Multistrike by definition, provides a probable chance for spells and abilities to fire up to two additional times, at 30% effectiveness (both damage and healing). Holy Priests have a passive ability called Divine Providence which gives “…5% more of the multistrike stat from all sources. Also increases the damage, healing, and absorption of your multistrikes by 20%”.  Therefore, Holy Priests have an additional 5% multistrike as well as having the multistrike at 50% effectiveness rather than 30%.

Haste is for reducing the cast time of your spells.

Versatility provides a percentage increase to your damage and healing spells, while also reducing the damage taken for a percentage amount.

Critical strike rating is the probable chance of scoring double damage on a target.

Mastery only affects your healing spells (Mastery: Echo of Light), so if you are planning to play a DPS/healer then you may want to stack some Mastery. Some healing Priests may argue this has little benefit, it’s purely up to you but any additional healing is beneficial.

Spirit is only needed for mana regeneration. It is not need at all for Holy Priest DPS.

Enchants and gems

Use enchants and gems that give you multistrike.

GemImmaculate Multistrike Taladite
NeckGift of Multistrike
CloakGift of Multistrike
RingGift of Multistrike
Main WeaponMark of the Frostwolf


Best in Slot (BiS)

The list of gear shown below is what I consider to be Best in Slot (BiS) loot for Holy Priest DPS. The choices is not based on ‘in-game’ statistical data but based on the stats of the gear and description of its tooltip. Please note, the list is subjective and more of a guide so no doubt will change over time, therefore the list is subject to change.

HeadHexweave Cowl of the Deft - Stage 6
Countenance of the Revenant
NecklaceWhispering Taladite Ring of the Deft - Stage 6
Choker of Forbidden Indulgence
ShoulderHexweave Mantle of the Deft - Stage 6
Pious Mantle - T18 Piece
BackHexweave Cloak of the Deft - Stage 6
Cloak of Hideous Unity
ChestHexweave Robe of the Deft - Stage 6
Felgrease-Smudged Robes (Good alternative)
Pious Raiment - T18 Piece (Good alternative)
WristHexweave Bracers of the Deft - Stage 6
Powder-Singed Bracers
GlovesHexweave Gloves of the Deft - Stage 6
Craggy Gloves of Grasping (Good alternative)
Satin Gloves of Injustice (Good alternative)
BeltHexweave Belt of the Deft - Stage 6
LegsHexweave Leggings of the Deft - Stage 6
Leggings of the Iron Summoner (Good alternative)
Dia's Nightmarish Leggings (Good alternative)
Pious Raiment (Good alternative)
FeetHexweave Slippers of the Deft - Stage 6
Pedal-Pushing Sandals
Ring 1Nithramus, the All-Seer
Ring 2Whispering Taladite Ring of the Deft - Stage 6
Trinket 1Unblinking Gaze of Sethe
Iron Reaver Piston (Good alternative)
Trinket 2Prophecy of Fear
Iron Reaver Piston (Good alternative)
1H weaponGavel of the Eredar
2H weaponVoidcore Greatstaff
Off-handGibbering Madness



There are only three talents that give you a DPS increase: MindbenderPower Infusion and Twist of Fate.

Mindbender gives a DPS increase through the damage caused by your Mindbender pet, nothing more.

Power Infusion is a slight DPS increase with the 20% increase in haste, so if you have a lot of haste, you may want to take this talent.

Twist of Fate talent maybe be the better talent for raiding as it gives you a direct 15% damage increase for 10 seconds when you heal a raid member whose health is below 35%. To activate this buff, use a level 90 talent (Cascada, Divine Star and Halo) which would heal a raider giving you the buff, the tank might be the best raider to target or go pot luck with Halo. Twist of Fate can also help with healing, so if you are also playing as a off-healer, then Twist of Fate would be the talent for you.


There are many Holy Priest major glyphs to choose from but there is only one major glyph that directly affects DPS: Glyph of Smite. Holy Priest DPS will also need Glyph of Holy Fire to increase the spell range of Smite and Holy Fire spells.

Other glyphs to consider for DPS increase are: Glyph of Reflective Shield and Glyph of the Inquisitor.

Glyph of Reflective Shield is ideal for leveling and questing as you are guaranteed to take damage from NPCs.

Glyph of the Inquisitor would be the better glyph for dungeons and raids as you not suppose to take a high amount damage, the tanks are. Therefore the 25% extra damage from your Holy Word: Fire will eventually outnumber the DPS accumulated from Reflective Shield.


There is only one buff that directly affect your DPS: Chakra: Chastise. Make sure Chakra: Chastise is always active.


Low health single target:

  1. Power Word: Shield (if you have Glyph of Reflective Shield)
  2. Shadow Word: Pain
  3. Holy Fire
  4. Smite
  5. Reapply Power Word: Shield, Shadow Word: Pain and Holy Fire at ALL times.

High health single target:

  1. Power Word: Shield (if you have Glyph of Reflective Shield)
  2. Mindbender
  3. Power Infusion (if you have the talent)
  4. Shadow Word: Pain
  5. Holy Fire
  6. Smite
  7. Reapply Power Word: Shield, Shadow Word: Pain, Holy Fire and any cooldowns at ALL times.

Multiple targets:
If you are attacking between three or more NPCs, then use a combination of Shadow Word: Pain and Mind Sear.

If you are planning to play DPS/Heal hybrid, check out Icy Veins Holy Priest Healing Guide.

Change log

Version 2.4.1 – 21st September ’15 – Best in Slot list updated for Hellfire Citadel Instance
Version 2.4 – 11th August ’15 – Updated for Patch 6.2
Version 2.3 – 19th March ’15 – Best In Slot and Gem and Enchant tables added. Minor edits and spelling corrections.
Version 2.2 – 27th February ’15 – Updated for Patch 6.1
Version 2.1.1 – 7th December ’14 – Changes to stat priority
Version 2.1 – 24th November ’14 – Changes to stats, glyphs and rotation
Version 2.0.3 – 26th October ’14 – Changes since Patch 5.4 paragraph added
Version 2.0.2 – 23rd October ’14 – Edits to Background section
Version 2.0 – 15th October ’14 – Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2 release

Holy Priest DPS MoP 5.4 Guide
Version 1.2 – 21st September ’13 – Best in Slot table added
Version 1.11 – 20th September ’13 – Updates to Talents to include Twist of Fate as the talent was buffed in patch 5.4
Version 1.10 – 16th September ’13 – Patch 5.4 update
Version 1.02 – 21 August ’13 – Added Level 90 Talent into single rotation
Version 1.01 – 15th July ’13 – Better role description of Holy Word: Chastise as  an interrupt spell
Version 1.00 – 11th July ’13 – Initial release

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