I worked for Norfolk Constabulary for five years (2008 – 2013) as their web consultant. My main tasks were to modernise their web presence on the Internet by helping them design a new website and establish a social media presence.

Also during my time, I had various other tasks and responsibilities:

  • senior technical stakeholder and consultant in the redesign of the Norfolk Constabulary external websites
  • making sure that the new Norfolk Constabulary website conformed to web accessibility and web standards and law
  • sourcing a web hosting and backup solution
  • genesis and implementation of their social network presence (TwitterFacebookYouTube and Google+) and contribute towards their internal usage policy and social media strategy
  • complete redesign and redevelopment of the Norfolk Constabulary Intranet, upgrading it in both usability, user experience and appearance
  • provided various technical guidance for a variety of internal and external IT projects
  • designed and developed multiple internal and external HTML emails
  • designed various internal and external desktop publishing projects
  • trained staff members on a range of industry standard software and systems.

In 2011, Norfolk and Suffolk Constabulary started to collaborate to help save money for the taxpayer. For that process, it was decided that Suffolk’s web presence should be on the same technology platform as Norfolk’s, therefore reducing the web hosting costs. I was tasked:

  • to project manage the delivery of Suffolk Constabulary website based on Norfolk Constabulary’s website design, working closely with staff, senior management and third party developers
  • to be temporary web manager for both Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies for six months due to organisation restructuring.