Have you ever wondered what a person goes through and experiences when they’ve been arrested by the authorities? I suspect you’ve some preconception of them being held in a police cell after having a photograph taken of themselves holding a chalkboard with their name on it with a height measurement in the background with ink stained fingers after having their fingerprints taken?

Well, you’ll would be half right. Norfolk Constabulary have made a short film to promote their new state-of-the-art arrest custody centres, called Police Investigation Centres or PIC for short (pronounced ‘pic’) and I star in the film as ‘Ben Gardiner’, the main perpetrator.

The film is a journey of the arrest and custody process through the eyes of Ben Gardiner. Ben has been formally arrested for burglary and he is transported to a PIC to be charged and processed. There, he will have his biometrics taken (photo, DNA and fingerprints) and interviewed before being formerly charged and placed in a police cell. The short film was produced in-house by the Norfolk Constabulary’s digital media team.


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