Thank You

Below are a few testimonials from people that I have worked with or for over the years:

“I’m one of those people who tries to do everything myself. So far I’ve managed that with filming and editing, but when it comes to web design it just made sense for me to outsource it and focus on the things that I can do well. That’s why I asked Michael if he would put together my site and I really couldn’t be happier. I want to create a globally successful brand and to do that I need a professional, intuitive, responsive site. Michael made that happen and endured my endless edits and questions with the patience of an absolute saint. It’s not just about technical capability – it’s just nice to work with someone you get along with and who you trust. I would (and will) recommend him to anyone who needs their site to be world class.”
Patrick Drake, Presenter for Discovery Channel and Head Chef and Co-Founder of HelloFresh.co.uk, November 2014



“When we first contacted Michael, he was an avid reader of our website and he accepted to help us a little with design and layout. Later, we hired him properly to improve the usability of our website and to make it easier to navigate. He did not disappoint us. Working with Michael has always been enjoyable and we would recommend him anytime.”
Damien Thivolle, Co-founder and webmaster, icy-veins.com, May 2013



“When setting up our podcast, we wanted an accompanying website that would be designed in a way that would be easy for us to update, while also being clearly set out for our listeners worldwide. Michael’s help and advice was invaluable, and he is always at hand to answer all of our questions. The website is fantastic, and the knowledge that we have professional help should we need it is an added bonus. We have been complemented on our website from our listeners, and it is a credit to Michael’s hard work, support, and creativity. We would heartily recommended him to everyone.”
Dave and Thom, 80’s PictureHouse podcast, April 2013



“Running a busy estate agency, my time is of a premium. So dealing with IT is not something I have time or knowledge for! Whenever I have an issue Michael responds swiftly, with a date and time he is able to pop out to see us or give me some guidance over the phone… for which I am eternally grateful for! With so much IT equipment out there in the market, his advice and knowledge was invaluable when I set up my new office; he helped me select the best product at the right price. Most importantly he explains the issue in English rather than industry jargon! His IT knowledge and customer service are exceptional!”
Lucy Carne, Director, Reality Estate Agents, January 2013



“Michael was one of the best kinds of clients an agency like ours could work with. His attention to detail and focus on getting the best user experience combined with a rare depth of knowledge across digital technology and usability were an asset to our work together. Since my agency had the pleasure of working with Michael we have stayed in touch mostly via social channels of course (!) and I have been delighted to share many an intelligent debate as well as pick up some great insights. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michael to any prospective client or employer seeking an absolute expert in the digital field.”
Kris Croucher, Reading Room, March 2012



“Michael’s technical and design expertise was crucial in the development of the Norfolk Constabulary website, which subsequently won an Interactive Media Award for Best in Class (category: Government). His attention to detail is impeccable and his pursuit of excellence in his projects, particularly web design, is second to none. He has an ability to communicate complex technical issues and solutions to a wide range of stakeholders with varying levels of technical understanding – which is a real skill. I enjoyed having Michael as part of my team and would not hesitate to recommend him.”
Rachel Binns, Norfolk Constabulary, October 2011



“Michael was extremely creative in his work redesigning the OGC’s Successful Delivery Toolkit making it much more user friendly and searchable. His design ideas added hugely to improving the navigation routes through the site, the visual appearance and thus to making the product a success.”
Michael Acaster, Office of Government Commerce, July 2011